Specialised Services

What We Do

AIR is an enthusiastic R&D engineering start-up, that provides specialised cost effective engineering goods and services. Just set it up and if AIR can’t knock it out reasonably, consider the job done a sample with little or no fees charged.

AIR provides the following specialised services: 1) Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency, 2) Thermoelectricity, 3) Combined Cooling, Heating & Power (CCHP) Systems 4) Infrared (IR) Technology, 5) Thermodynamics Systems, 6) Switch Mode Power Supplies, 7) Embedded Electronics Systems, 8) Mathematical Modeling, 9) Model-based Designs, 10) Automation, 11) Internet of Things (IoT), 12) Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), 13) Flatscreen TVs and PC Monitors, 14) LED Lighting Systems and 15) Audio Systems.

expert conceptualization

If you have an engineering idea, problems, application or project and you don’t know how to realise it or tackle it systematically, let AIR knows and we’ll be pleased to engage with you to advise or make it a success from mere thoughts to material truths.

Design and R&D of Electronic Systems/Applications

From Concept to Construction and even to Commercialisation, AIR is opened for business.

Trading and Pro Repairs of Flatscreen TVs and PC Monitors

If AIR cannot professionally fix / service / adapt your flatscreen TVs (LED, LCDs and Plasma) and or computer monitors cost effectively and quickly, then likely it’s beyond economic repair and until we expertly say so, don’t throw or scrap it or relinquish without first contacting us. AIR does the followings:

Key Research Areas

AIR key research areas include but are not limited to the following expertises
Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency
AIR consults on renewable energy systems design with regards to products and technology choices and realisations.
renewable-energy (1)
Devises innovative energy efficient and cost-effective cooling, heating and power systems based-on thermoelectricity.
Combined Cooling, Heating & Power (CCHP) Systems
Devises innovative energy efficient and cost effective discrete or combined cooling, heating and power systems based-on various technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.
Infrared (IR) Technology
Infrared products, services and technologies are AIR flagship research / business interests and we’re keen to engage on any IR project!
Thermodynamics Systems
AIR is passionate in general heat research and we’re opened to engage on interesting heat related projects/ problems.
Switch Mode Power Supplies
AIR performs research (devise, design, R&D, customisation, repair and maintenance) on various power converters and inverters as well as assorted batteries (Li-ion, NiMH and Lead Acid) charging systems.
Embedded Electronics Systems
AIR devises and performs advanced electronic engineering R&D from hardware via firmware to software.
Mathematical Modeling
If you can solve the difficult maths but can’t apply or implement it in real life, AIR is at your service to work and walk it through with you to reality.
Model-based Designs
AIR can transform your concepts or engineering ideas to simulated models that can interact with physical devices.
Tired of doing it manually, AIR can simply automate it for you based on the most suitable and affordable technology possible such GPS/GNSS, GSM/CDMA, WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, RF, RFID, WSN, ZigBee, Z-Wave etc.
Internet of Things (IoT)
If you want it connected to the internet and conveniently controlled it from anywhere and anytime, AIR is your best bet to have it in the air.
Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
If you need it to be smart and with built-in intelligence, look no further, as AIR is synonymous to 4IR.
Flatscreen TVs and PC Monitors

AIR trades, re/designs and repair / serving faulty flatscreens right down to component level.

LED Bulb
LED Lighting Systems
Fascinated by colourful / special effect lightings to suit / lighten up your personal applications/desires, AIR can do a custom innovative design just for you and just the way you like it.
Audio Systems
What’s life without good music? We do it differently at AIR to make your audio experience distinctly appealing and not only to your ears but to your eyes as well.