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AfricaInfraRed (AIR) is an electronic engineering entity that focuses on expert conceptualization, design and R&D of modern /smart electronic systems / applications as well as affordable trading and repair of most faulty flat-screen TVs and computer monitors of all brands / models / sizes; be it at system, module and component levels.

AIR three key research areas includes but not limited to 1) Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency, combined cooling, heating & power (CCHP) systems, infrared technology, thermodynamics systems, thermoelectricity, 2) 4IR, embedded electronics systems, model-based designs / mathematical modeling, switch mode power supplies, automation, Internet of Things (IoT), audio systems and fascinating LED lighting systems as well as 3) flat-screen monitors (LED, LCD and Plasma TVs).

Our Team



N. Paul B.

Qualifications: MTech, MSc and PhD.

Disciplines: Electrical, Electronic, Computer, Space and Satellite Systems Engineering as well as Renewable Energy.